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What is a Surgical Mask?
    This factor is additionally called a procedure mask, medical mask, however, most typically called a mask. this type of mask is wide utilized by health professionals throughout the surgery. In Paris, surgical mask initial use was recorded in 1897. it absolutely was utilized by French doc Paul Berger. These masks are designed to catch microorganisms shed in liquid droplets and aerosols from the wearer's mouth and nose. however, we have a tendency to shouldn’t be confused between the surgical mask and respirator. This mask isn't designed to inhale you from mobile microorganism or virus particles. this is often less effective than respirators.

Type of Mask
  • Cloth Face Mask(Home Made)
  • Surgical Mask
  • N95 Respirator Mask
Face Mask Design And Manufacturing Process

1.Cloth Face Mask(Home Made)

      This type of face shield is easily manufactured in the shortest possible time in homes and backpacks. These can be Stitched together fabric and that mask use easy and QuickTime facemask.

2.Surgical Mask
Design of a surgical mask depends on the varied mode. In general, this mask has 3 or four players. that provide higher protection and a lot of air permeableness. This factor is formed from non-woven cloth. as a result of this nonwoven cloth offers higher microorganism filtration remaining less slippery than a plain-woven artefact. Also, the non-woven cloth is cheaper to form and contains a disposable nature. This three-level ply is made of a soften blown material. soften blown material is placed between the non-woven cloth. This softens blown material act as a filter that stops microbes getting into and exiting mask.

The most common material that is employed for a mask is plastic. alternative material like phenylethylene, polycarbonate, synthetic resin, or polyester also is accustomed build each twenty and twenty-five grams per square measure (gsm) in density. twenty gsm and twenty-five gsm mask creating method is similar. In twenty gsm 1st extruding liquified plastic on a conveyor. Plastic is extruded on the internet for that they exchange bond as they cool. twenty-five gsm creating is additionally similar. Here conjointly extruded through a die with many nozzles and blown by hot air to became little fibre. Filtration ability of a mask on several things reminiscent of fibre it uses, producing method, internet structure, the fibre’s cross-sectional form etc.

3.Respirator mask


Below Given how to manufacture process of respirator mask video watch 

Type of face Mask is essential for physicians and nurses working in the medical field.
This prevents microorganisms from circulating the respiratory tract and prevents minor contamination.
The corona virus which is currently spread in many countries around the world, That Face mask Protect from covid-19 For humans so mask must important things in the word now a situation.

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