Role Of Industrial Engineering and day to day Activities of IE

Role Of Industrial Engineers Daily 

Industrial Engineering is an Important Designation The main objective of this work Garments sector is to increase productivity and reduce costs The first is to adopt the 5s method

Role of industrial engineering
Common Industrial Engineer important Response
  • Reduce Cost
  • Increase productivity
  • Hourly Production monitoring
  • Line Balancing
  • Identified Bottle neck
  • Clear bottle neck
  • Operator Education sop
  • Fallow 5S system 
  • Layout prepration
  • Calculate thread consumption
  • Calculate daily cost 
  • Prepration Opration Bulletin
  • SAM Calculation
  • SMV Calculation
  • Method Improvement
  • Operation Analysis
  • Time study
  • Motion study
  • Elaments study
  • Production study
  • Work Time and actions
  • Fallow low performing operator
  • Fallowing intre level operator 
  • Motivate every operator to achieve target
  • Meet efficiency to OB
  • Commonly to 80% efficiency 
Role of industrial Engineers work to factory Cost and achieved organization Efficiency
So Industrial Engineering Department Motivate to every operator and staffs to our organization goals 
Indusdustrial Engineer day to day Activities
  • Daily Workers need to make sure they arrive on time
  • Daily Calculate Workers absentism
  • Control More Absentism
  • Quick line Balancing to Achieve daily Target
  • Calculate Daily Mechine and Manpower Radio
  • Hourly Efficiency and production Monitoring
  • Identify Bottle Neck 
  • Clear bottle Neck
  • Motivate operator
  • How to sew teach to Oprator
  • Reduce extra elaments from operation and sop
  • Line Costing Calculator 
  • Meet line Target
  • Reduce Line Costing Example:(Reduce Manpower Using Extra Manpower Per line, Reduce Operator and helpers,lights and machine should be sutdown when not working)
  • Daily Meeting IE team to analysis Today and Tommarow plan 

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