Garments Industrial Engineer job Responsibilities | Industrial Engineering Day to Day Activities |Industrial Engineer job role

Benefits of Being an Industrial Engineering:
Increase in productivity.
Increase in profits.
Increase in earnings.
Work Simplification.

Important Duties of the apparel engineer daily fallow eight characteristics
  •            Safety.
  •            Line balancing
  •           Quality –Operation Control
  •           Training-How to coach the new employees and sewing operators.
  •           Operator output-maintains high output and also improving the skills of these with a low output.
  •            Loss control-minimize off-standard loss.
  •       Waste control-in materials, supplies and machinery.
  •            Standard conditions in the workplace, in the sewing a method, within the machines.
As an Industrial engineer, They involve themselves in all departments, so I have given down their role

  •          Maintenance.
  •          Quality work and
  •          Productivity,

Industrial Engineer must adhere to something important

  •          5s System
  •          Labour present percentages
  •          Stay in good relations with the workers
  • I   Machine Availability Details

       Duties of apparel industrial engineer:

           1.Garments factor engineer must fallow listed below activitiy

       Arrive early to the factory.

       Greet arriving employees.

       Encourage them to start out work early.

      Check attendance.

      Make adjustments to balance the road as per absence.
      Attend the assembly meeting and discuss yesterday’s result and today’s targets and plans.
      Plan to increase the employees’ efficiency.
      Plan to improve the outgoing quality.
      Plan to steel oneself against routine problems or problems which may arise.
          2. Apparel engineers below mention check list do must:
     Measure the target vs. actual output in every hour.
     Check quality level.
     Check inline and end line quality reports.
     Discuss with quality inspectors perform quality drill.
     Work with the low output operators.
     Check the right method and to be implemented.
     Motivate and empower all the operators.
     Follow abreast of newly joined operators in training.
     Follow up the operator in re-training.
     Identify the bottleneck operations and balance accordingly.
     Provide immediate and continuous follow up to repairs.
     Monitor and follow abreast of bundle tracking and outgoing bundles.
     Authorize any off-stand and ‘clock-out’.
     Order supplies and material for production,
     And at the top of the, each and dealing must confirm the operators have turned off their machines, cleaned their work area, kept a bit of cloth under the pressure foot, and covered their machine.
    Check and authorize the assembly worksheet.
   your working factor garments production sheet should be check ever hour.
    Review the hourly production report and WIP-report.
    Analyze subsequent day’s needs and take notes for implementation.
    Calculate the subsequent day’s initial inventory consistent with production information.
         3. aside from the above, he has got to do weekly assignment as mentioned below:
    Review the capacity studies of low output operators.
    Plan operator cross-training to unravel balancing problems, and as and when required he has got to resolve any operator efficiency problems.
    Follow up and motivate new employees, compute quality problems with operators; review the right method with them when necessary.
    Industrial Engineers role is extremely important within the Apparel Manufacturing sector for the betterment of achieving productivity, quality consciousness on the merchandise output, employees, operators to be trained well to realize targeted efficiency and growth of the industry at the most satisfying level.


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