How to use power bank app and withdrawal proof


Hi friends today in this post I will explain about the payment proofs of power bank app and other important updates about Power Bank app.

How to register on power bank app

The power bank app registration link is given below just click the link and open the registration in the page you need to fill your mobile number and registration code and refer code is given below just copy refer code and paste it on the registration page in click the register button to register on this application.
After completing registration process you need to login by using your mobile number and click the login button. This online job is used as both website and application. For installing the application just click the download app option in the login page and download the application after that login the application using your login credentials.

How to use the app

After login application a free plan is activated to your account the free plan features are 2.1 rupees per hour for three days so that you can earn upto 153 rupees in 3 days on free plan. The free plan is activate only for three days after that the free plan is expired. Now you need to purchase new plan to earn cash from this app. For purchasing plan unit to recharge and purchase plan.
For buying plants you need to click the purchase hall option. That you can able to see many plans you can purchase any one of the plant and activate your account. I highly recommend 600 rupees plan . For purchasing a plan just click the buy option and confirm it. In 600 rupees plan you can earn 1.25 rupees per hour. the purchased plan is valid for 1 year after that the plan is expired. After purchasing your plan you can claim 1.25 rupees per hour. For receiving your claim amount just click the my device option and then click the receive button.

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Refer and earn

This application provide refer and earn options so that you can refer your friends and family to this application and earn commission for lifetime. For referring your friend just click the invite option and share your invitation link with your invitation code.

How to withdraw

For withdrawing your earnings just click the me option in the bottom of the home page. Now a new pages appear in that page click bind bank card option. After clicking the option the bank details filling page will open. In the page you need to fill your bank details and submit it. After submitting your bank card you can withdraw money. For withdrawing your money just click the withdrawal management option that you can able to see your available balance. Now enter your withdrawal amount then click the submit button. In this online job we can we draw money on Monday to Friday morning 9:00 a.m. to evening 6:00 p.m. after requesting your withdrawal it will be processed within 4 hours.

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