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Hi friends today in this post I will explain about how to make money online by contributing to online polls And creating online polls. This website is one of the best any website so I explain how to complete the tasks on this website.

How to register on this website

The website sign up link is given below just click the link and open the signup page. Designer process is very simple just you need to to click the sign up button and sign up using your Google account. After completing a sign a process you need to fill the profile details.
You need to enter your full name and Link your Paytm account number to complete your profile. After completing your profile detail you need to verify your email ID for that open your email. In your your email inbox to get mail from the the pollscity website. Just verify it and then you get 20 rupees signup bonus for verifying your account.

How to make money on this website

In this website there are four earning methods available. Explain one by one. The first earning method is completing login challenge. For completing this task you need to log in this website continuously for hundred days and get 20 rupees Paytm cash. For completing this task you must login continuously without skipping a day.
The second earning method is online polls. For completing online course just click the online poll option that you can able to see the rules for online polls. You can take daily unlimited calls and earn up to 5 rupees for poll. The poll results are announced at 12 a.m. everyday. So just poll your votes and earn upto 5 rupees per Poll
The third earning method is posting poll. For this you need to create your own poll. Your poll must be unique and attractive to the website admin then only we will be approve your poll. After posting your poll it will be reviewed within 48 hours. If your poll is approved you get 5 rupees per polls. For creating your bol you need to click post-poll option that you can able to see the question typing section. Where you need to enter your own question and add your options after adding your 3 voting options upload the related image to your question. Then wait 48 hours to approval. After improving your fold you get 5 rupees per poll. you can create unlimited polls everyday.

Website Link👇

Refer and earn

The refer and earn option is available on this website so the user can earn unlimited Paytm cash by inviting your friends and family. For inviting each friend you get 4 rupees.

How to redeem

The user earning on the site is added in the website wallet and the wallet balance can be transferred to your Paytm wallet by entering your Paytm number. But you need to earn minimum 50 rupees to place your first redemption request. In this website user can redeem maximum of 100 rupees per day. All transactions are typically process within 24 hours.

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