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Hi friends today in this post I will explain about how to make money by reviewing place or city on 99 acres. Recently 99acres provide a survey per gathering information about Chennai, Pune, Bengaluru and other society details from the public so that they provide cashback for giving review about their society or locality. Explain the steps to review the locality or society.

How to complete the review

The review link is given below just click the link and open the 99acres official reviewing website. Indian website that provide all details through the terms and conditions just read the terms and condition and if you ok to the terms and condition. In that terms and condition they clearly mentioned you only review about pune Bangalore and Chennai cities. If you review any other society did not give cash back. So that after accepting the terms and condition they ask to enter the society name so that you enter the society like Chennai and Bangalore and their localities.

After selecting the locality they asked to give rating out of 5 for 4 questions. The questions about connectivity ,safety and security, environment and lifestyle of your selected society. So that you need to give genuine review about their questions. If you give genuine review they will provide cash back. After giving the review 2 ratings 2 re the questions you need to enter the positivity about your selected society. The positivity paragraph must contain 150 words so right it on your own words. After writing positivity next you need to to enter negativity about the society so that you and about 150 words.

Website Link👇

How to Withdraw

After entering your review details now you enter your basic details to get your cashback. They only ask your name email id and paytm number to send your cashback. After entering your details correctly just click the post button to post your review to the 99acres. After posting it they review your survey and send cash back within 5 to 10 days.

If you have more than one Paytm number just review using your all Paytm number and get more cashback. When you reviewing using many Paytm number you must review other society. If review you are same they will reject so must review different societies on your different Paytm number.

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