How to make money online by reviewing your locality on 99acres


Hi friends today in this course I will explain about how to make money online by reviewing your locality on 99acres. In this post I will explain the procedure to review your locality correctly on 99acres website and Paytm cashback.

How to choose review locality or society

This website link is given below are just a click the link and open the offer page then select your locality by typing your locality name. After selecting your locality or society you need to you choose how you know that locality. They provide 5 options data owner, rental, former residential, real estate agent. So choose any one of the option.

How to give Reviews your locality or society

Now give rating about the connectivity and commute on your selected locality . Next you need to give rating Thor lifestyle and facilities on your selected locality. Next give rating about safety and security on your selected locality. Finally new rating about environment conditions on your select locality. After giving the rating for the four thoughts on your locality just check next give positive review about your selected locality in minimum 150 character.

Website Link👇

How to write review

The positive review must be honest and real then only they approve your review. After writing positive review select the positive things on your selected locality. They provide 6 options just choose any 3 or 4 positive things. Next write negative things on your selected locality. The negative things also must be real and you need to write at least 150 characters. After writing negative things just click posting new option.

How to withdraw

After clicking post review option withdraw page will opens. In that page you need to you fill your name then email ID then enter your KYC completed Paytm number then click post button. After posting your review devil screening your review and send 150 rupees cashback to your Paytm wallet automatically within 10 days.

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