How to make money online by watching videos and spinning wheel on loot mint application.


Hi friends today in this post I will explain about how to make money online by completing a task and watching videos on Lootmint application. In this post I will clearly explain about how to complete task on this application and how to refer and earn on this application then redeem process on Lootmint application.

How to register on this application

This application link is given below just click the link and install the application. After completing the installation process you need to login to this application. In this application the login process is very simple just you need to click login with Google option and select your Google account then complete the login process.

How to complete task on this application

After completing the login process you need to enter refer code to get sign up bonus. To enter refer code just click refer and earn option then click enter refer code option then enter the refer code. The refer code also given in this post just copy the refer code then paste it then click the submit button. After submitting the refer code you get 20 coins as sign up bonus. This application contains eight different type of task so that I will explain one by one. The first task is daily check in task in this task you can earn 25 coins by completing daily check in process. The next task is spin and win task in this task you need to spin the wheel and earn 10 coins for one spin. This application provide five spins for one day. After completing one spin you need to wait 2 minutes to complete the next spin. The next dance please watch and earn task in this task you need to watch 30 seconds video and 5 coins for watching one video. In this application you can watch 10 videos continuously and wait 1 hour to watch 10 videos continuously so you can watch videos in 1 hour interval. The next task is survey task in this task you need to complete a survey and earn 150 coins. The next task is offer wall task. This application provide to offerwall task and each task content different type of installation task so that you need to install the applications and coins. The next task is offer task in this task you need to to complete the same installation task and wait to business days to credit your coins to your lootmint virtual wallet.

App Link👇

Refer Code : yDnYl1

Refer and earn

This application provide refer and earn method so that you can refer your friends and family to this application and 250 coins for one successful refer. The successful referral means you are referred friend must enter your refer code then only it count as successful refer and you get 250 coins in your lootmint virtual wallet. Refer your friends just copy your referral link and share your referral link through WhatsApp Facebook and other social media platform.

How to withdraw

To Withdraw your coins just click redeem coins option then choose your withdrawal amount. In this application you can be draw minimum 200 coins that is 1 rupees and maximum 5,000 coins that is 50 rupees. To withdraw your coins just choose your withdrawal amount then enter your Paytm number and click submit to add your Paytm number. After adding your Paytm number again click your withdrawal amount then click request option then confirm it. After submitting withdrawal request it will process instantly.

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