How to make money online by completing Colgate offer


Hi friends today in this possible explain about how to make money online by completing Colgate offer. In this post I will clearly explain about the procedure to completing the offer and withdrawal process on this offer.

How to register on this Colgate offer

In this offer you need to call official Colgate number and the call will automatically cut and they you receive a message from Colgate official number so that need to answer the given question

How to complete Colgate offer

In Colgate offer they send it a message to start the offer. To complete this offer just click let start option. Now select your preferred language and click send option.

Now enter your name then click send option in your WhatsApp. Now you need to enter your email ID then click send option. Now they ask one question so that you just need to read the question and answer it.

The answer also given below just to copy the answer and paste it then click send option in your WhatsApp. Now this send a message with state names corresponding with the number so that you just choose your city e number and enter the city number then click send option.

Answer :

It Dries Out The Mucous Membranes, Which Play An Important Part In Lubricating The Soft Tissues And Gingiva And Keep Teeth Healthy By Maintaining A Healthy Oral Environment. With Salt, The Liquid Is Taken Out Of The Soft Tissues, And This Creates A Dried-out Oral Environment.

Refer and earn

This offer does not contain refer and earn program but you can refer this offer to your friends to earn themselves by completing the offer.

How to withdraw

In this offer you just need to answer the given to question ask in the Colgate official WhatsApp number and get up to Paytm cashback or gold voucher.

In this offer they provide 100000 gold voucher for 1 participant, 4000 gold voucher for 400 participant, 100 paytm cashback for 500 participant and 5 paytm cashback for 29400 participant. This contest is conduct for may 31th so the winner list is announce in 31st may midnight. so that you can claim your paytm cashback in 31st may.


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