How to make money online by completing bournvita offer


Hi friends today in this post I will explain about how to make money online by completing bournvita offer. In the post I will explain clearly about how to complete bournvita offer and withdrawal method on this offer.

How to register on this offer

This offer link is given below just click the link and open the offer page. In offer page they provide 30 second video so that just watch the video then open the registration page.

In registration page you just need to enter your Paytm number, name and email ID then click submit option then confirm your Paytm number then click ok option.

How to complete bournvita offer

In this offer they provide 11 questions so that you just need to answer the given question correctly and earn 10 rupees Paytm cash.

In this offer you just answer never heard before for first question and concerned guardian option for 2nd question. In this offer you just choose yes option for 3 to 8 questions. For 9th question you just choose stress option then choose yes option for remaining questions.

Refer and earn

This offer does not provide refer program but you can share this offer to your friends to earn themselves by completing this offer. To refer your friends just copy the offer link in share the offer link to your friends through WhatsApp Facebook another social media platform.

How to withdraw

To withdraw your earnings just answer the given questions and then download the free eBook and get Rs 10 Paytm cashback. After answering the 11 questions that Rs 10 will be credited in your Paytm wallet in next 48 hours.

Offer Link☝️

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