How to earn money online by completing task on world trip application


Hi friends today in this post I will explain about how to make money online by completing task on world trip application. In this post I will clearly explain about the procedure to completing the sign up task and refer program on this application. I also explain about the withdrawal process on this application.

How to register on this application

This application link is given below just click the link and open the registration page. In the registration page you just click get start option then enter your mobile number then click OTP option then enter the verification code now download the application from Play Store then open the application.

Now and tell the mobile number then click get OTP option then verify your mobile number then click next option. Now the application home page will appears.

How to complete sign up task on this application

In this application you get up to 20 rupees as sin a bonus. In this application you need to upgrade the dog image to third level then only you get sign up bonus. To upgrade the dog image you just need to combine to first level dog image and gate second level dog image.

After upgrading to second level dog image just complaint that to second level dog image and get their level dog image. After upgrading third level dog image just click me option then click the sign up bonus receive option. Now click the open option and get up to Rs 20 as sign up bonus.

Refer and earn

This application provide refer program so that you can refer your friends and family to this application and earn coins. To refer your friends just click invite friends option then share your referral link to your friends through WhatsApp Facebook and other social media platform.

How to withdraw

To withdraw your earnings just click withdraw option then choose your required amount to withdraw. In this application you can withdraw minimum 3 rupees for first time. After choosing your required amount to withdraw you need to add withdrawal method.

To add withdrawal method just click add card option then enter your bank details or UPI ID. After adding your withdrawal method just click withdraw now option. After submitting your withdrawal request it will be process instantly.

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