How to make money online by completing task and offers on taskpay aapplication


Hi friends today in this post I will explain about how to make money online be completing task and offers on taskpay application. In this post I will clearly explain about the procedure to completing task on this application and refer program on this application. I also explain about the withdrawal method and process on this application.

How to register on this application

This application link is given below just click the link and install the application after completing the installation process you need to register. In this application the registration process very simple you just need to enter the refer code then click continue with Google option then login using your Google account. Now the application home page will appears.

How to complete task on this application

This application provide five different type of task I will explain each task one by one. The first it ask is daily chicken task in this task you just need to click day 1 option and earn five coins. In this application you can continuously checking for 15 days and earn up to 1000 coins.

The second task is daily spin task in this task they provide 12 spins per day so that you just need to complete 12 spins and earn up to 45O coins daily. The third task is watch video task in the stars they provide different type of videos so that you just need to watch the video and earn coins daily.

The fourth task is scratch card ask in the stars grey provided 12 scratch cards for day so that you just to complete the 12 scratch cards and earn up to 450 coins. 5th task is offer task in the stars the provided different type of application so that you just need to install the given application and earn coins daily.

App Link

Refer and earn

This application provide refer program so that you can a refer your friends and family to this application and earn 1000 coins for one successful refer. The successful refer means your referred friend sign up using your refer code then you get 100 coins then your referred friend complete three offers then you get 900 coins. If you want to refer your friends just click refer and earn option then share link to your friends through WhatsApp Facebook and other social media platform.

How to Withdraw your earnings

You want to withdraw your earnings just click me option then click withdraw option. Now choose your payment method. In this application you just Paytm payment method. After choosing the payment method just choose your required coins to withdraw. In this application you can withdraw minimum 100 coins that is rs 1 rupee. After choosing your required coins to withdraw just enter your Paytm number then clicking option. After submitting you are withdrawal request the payment will process instantly will stop

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