Apparel Quality Control and Introduction to quality and definition of quality

Introduction to Quality

     Quality is an essential factor to be considered in every product or sevice. For the survival of any industry, business, quality is an essential requirement. Without adequate quality, it is not possible by any industry, business to complete in the market.

Definition of quality:

Some definitions of quality have been given.

  1. Quality is the conformance the specifications and standards
  2. Quality is the fitness for use.
  3. Quality means productivity, compentitve costs, timely delivey and total customer satisfaction.
  4. Quality raw material should be used.
  5. Quality parts should be of good quality.
  6. should adopt quality processes and processing conditions.
  7. Should give high reliability.
  8. Should be aesthetic.
  9. Should conform to standards
  10. Quality services.

Meaning of Quality

     The Meaning of quality has been given with respect to the following.

  1. Quality of desing.
  2. Quality of conformance.
  3. Quality of performance.

Dimension Of Quality

  1. Performance     – product characteristics
  2. Features            – added features
  3. Reliability         – consisting of performance
  4. Durability          – usefull life of produce
  5. Conformance     – ability to maintain specified quality
  6. Service               – easy to repair
  7. Response           – human to human interface
  8. Aesthetics          – beauty
  9. Reputation          – past performance reputed

Quality Planning:

  1. Quality Planning
  2. Quality Control
  3. Quality Improvement

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