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Functions of Merchandisers

  1. Execution of sample orders.
  2. Costing.
  3. Programming.
  4. Yarn procurement arrangements.
  5. Production sheduling (or) Route card drafting.
  6. Accessories arrangement (Order placing follow-ups).
  7. Approval of varous proccessor’s sewing operations and finishing process.
  8. Pattern Approval (or) Dummy size set approval.
  9. Size set Approval.
  10. Pre-Production sample fallow-up.
  11. pilot run inspection.
  12. In process Inspection. 
  13. Production Controlling.
  14. Identifying shortages and make arrangment for the shortages.
  15. Shortage quantity and quality following quality control procedures.
  16. Fallowing quality assurance procedures.
  17. Monitoring the junior’s activities of in house and subcontractor units buyer communication. 
  18. Communication with production units, processing units and other third parties.
  19. Proper reporting.
  20. Highlighting to the management.
  21. Record maintenance.
  22. Developing to the management.
  23. Placement of orders.
  24. Talking measures for consistent production.
  25. Talking prevention actions to maintain the targeted performanvce level & in all areas of merchandising.


  1. To collect order from the buyer.
  2. To shipment the order in time.
  3. To followup the working of worker.
  4. To determine the actual price of the product.
  5. To improve the quality of the product.
  6. To increasee the goodwill of the textile.
  7. To seek new buyers.

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