Type Of Technical Test in Garment Field || MIcro scopic Test || Burning Test || how to Test garment | types of fiber test

Type of Technical Test:

  1. Microscopic Test.
  2. Buning Test 

    Microscopic Test

    Burning Test:


         When ignited it burns withh a steady flame and smells like buring leaves. The ash left is easily crumbled. 


         Linen takes Longer to ignite. The Fabric close to the ash is very brittle. Linen is easily extinguished bye blowing on it as you would a candle.

    The ash is easily crumbled. 


         It is also a protein but is harder to ignite than silk as the individual “hair” fibers are shorter than ailk and the weave of the weave of the fabrics is generally looser than with silk. The flame is steady But more difficult to keep buring. 


          Tha burning cellulose drips and leaves a hard ash. The smell us similar to burning wool chips.


         Nylon melts and then burns raoidly if the flame remains on the Melted Fiber.It smells like burning plastic 


    Polyester melts and burns at the same time.  The extinguished ash is hard.


    It is a regenerated cellulose fibre wich is almost pure cellulose.  The burning smell is close to burning leaves. 

    Solvent Test:

    The Test involves teating the fibers in certain solovents for identifyng then. The technical test is becoming difficult to conduct as most of the manufactured ribers and their blends are chemically similar. 

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