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There could also be a separate sampling department during a company.Also because the samples are to he made consistent with the buyers’ price ranges and quality levels, merchandiser has got to advise sampling department suitably

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  • Salesmen samples or promotional samples 
  •  Proto satuples or fit samples 
  • Counter samples or reference samples or approval samples
  •  Wash test samples 
  • Photo samples 
  • Fashion show samples 
  • Pre-produotion samples 
  • Production samples 
  • Shipment samples 

Let us see about these samples.

 Development samples or enquiry samples 
    once we work with some buyers continuously, we’ll need to keep it up sending samples to them fairly often . Whenever they need enquiries, buyer may have samples. Buyers may wish to see the clothes during a new fabric. For one enquiry, they’ll need samples in several fabrics to settle on from. If they need to develop new style in new fabric, then also we’ll need to send these samples.

     We may need to spend an excessive amount of on these samples.  Some times, even the customer isn’t so confident of some enquiries, if our samples are good and attractive at reasonable prices, they’re going to bring orders to us.

Also we’ll need to send samples to the newly contacted buyers to point out our w product range, quality standards and price index . These samples should be sent in order that they might attract the buyers.

So it’s better for a corporation to possess a separate sampling department in order that they will create new styles in new fabrics to impress the buyers.
Salesmen samples or promotional samples 
    Some buyer needs these samples for getting the orders from their customer’ If the customer has 7 salesmen in his office, then the customer will ask us to form 7 samples in each style. The salesmen will book the orders from their customers, by showing these sampled. Buyer will place the order to us accumulating the quantities.

If we’ve sent samples for five styles, some times, we may get orders fer all 5 styles, 3 styles or 1 style. etc of salesmen samples. Oi could also be thanks to local business recession or competition or unsuitable prices. Any way, we’ve to form these salesmen samples perfectly with sincere interest to urge orders

we’d have spent extra money , time, etc for creating these samples. But as we don’t get orders, we will not blame the customer . He can also to not avoid this embarrass situation, better to debate about the value of those samples with the customer before proceeding for sampling.

Normally the sampling will cost us approximately 3 to five times of the garment price. we will not expect to urge the complete cost from the customer . Of cdurse these samples will help us for our business. Hence we will ask the customer to simply accept 2 or 3 times of garment price because the sampling cost, for the styles which we don’t get orders. Some genuine buyers will agree for this.

All the buyers don’t need these samples. Chain stores buyers won’t invite salesmen or promotional samples

Proto samples or fit samples 
     These samples are making atfer take the order sheet. These samples are needed to see the measurements, style and fit in order that they are often made in available similar fabrics; but within the actual measurements and specifications.

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Based on these samples, buyers may do some changes in measurements, style and fit.

Counter samples or reference samples or approval samples 
   These samples are to be made in actual fabrics with actual trims.if the order is for buyer may have samples in anybody colour and swatches (fabric bits) in other colours.(these samples should be strictly as per the specifications within the order sheets. we’ve to urge the approval for these samples from the customer before starting production)

 Some times, buyer may discuss fabric, measurements, making, etc. we’ve to follow his comments carefully in production

Wash test samples 
     Some buyers need these samples to check the shrinkage, colour fastness, measurements, dimension stability and spirality of clothes after washing

Photo samples 
     Some buyers use to sell their garments by creating a listing furnishing all details like style, colours, sizes and important measurements of clothes including photo These buyers need these samples for taking photographs. (These buyers are called Catalogue buyers. they’re going to accumulate the sales quantities, they’re going to place orders repeatedly. Sometimes, for same styles, we may get many repeat orders continuously years together. But each order will get small quantity only. But we will get higher prices for these orders).

Some buyers may have these samples if they need to print the photos of clothes on photo inlays, packing box, hang tag, etc. These samples could also be needed for local advertisement or buyer’s promotional occasion
In any case, the highly paid models will wear the samples. The buyers will arrange the photo shoot session; by spending huge money to the advertising agencies the buyers will need these samples strictly on time. If they don’t get samples on time, the buyers will need to pay more compensation to the adv agencies and models.

Buyers will ask us to form the photo samples according the intended model’s body fit. So it’s important to strictly adhere to those measurements. Buyer may ask these samples to send either from production or before staiting production.
Fashion show samples

Some chain stores buyers will need these samples. they’re going to need these samples altogether .
colors covering all sizes. Usually they have 2 or 3 samples in each size in each colour.
These samples are often sent from production. The buyers can pay the value of those samples.

Pre-productlon samples
These samples are almost like samples. they need to be made in actual production fabric with actual bulk trims. they’re going to represent that the assembly are going to be like these samples.

Production samples

These samples are to be sent before shipment to urge the buyer’s confirmation for shipment. Hence these samples are needed to be perfect altogether manners.  Some times, they’ll do wash test also. we should always not get any remark or comment. we’ve to urge only ‘OK’ from the customer . Then only we will ship the products and that we can sale of getting payment. 

Shipment samples

These samples are to be sent after shipment. they ought to be sent in actual packing with all labels, tags, etc. (Generally these samples won’t be tested by buyer for love or money albeit we get some comments from buyers, we will save ourselves by saying that these samples were sent from the left over garments after the shipment; hence there could be some mistakes. If we expect any comments in these samples, it i better to tell the customer during sending these samples).

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