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Type Of  textile  Knitting Machine Elements

Mechanical elements of weft knitting

    textile machine Important Things Of First Needle Point it’s a principal element of the textile machine . Its help the yarn to make a loop. And by this manner fabric are produce. before yarn feeding the needle is raised to clear the old loop from the hook, and received the new loop above it on needle stem. The new loop is then enclosed within the needle hook because the needle starts to descend.Needles are important elements are textile machine and parts.

Types of  Needle

  •  Latch needle
  •  Spring beard needle
  •  Compound needle

Latch Needle

It constant of a hook portion most and a latch reurn at certain distance from the need lemain needle needles are  of the cylinder.the latch swing freely and therefore the stem may be a straight portion with a protruding butt. Through the butt the reciprocating movement to the needles is given. The latch needles are self acting. and requires only previous loop on the stem and don’t require any outside agency to shut the hook. The swinging latch features a cup at its end and is riveted to the stem. Therefore. the entire thickness of the needle can’t be reduced and hence these needles are coarser in dimensions than the bearded needles So Most Used textile machine and Knitting Garments Use to latch needle.

Spring Bearded Needle

This needle consists ofa top hook curved downwards with a finished tip and therefore the downward continuationis called beard. alittle eye or groove is cut within the stem. to receive the purpose of the needle beard when it’s closed. It doesn’t require latch. it’s It requires additional element to shut the needle wich is completed by a presser. The bearded needle produces superior knitted stitches than the latch needle.This what quite Knitting use.

Compound Needle

The presser required to shut or open the beard and therefore the length of the brard. 

manufacture. to beat the above difficulties. compound needles are developed. It consists ot a hollow steel tube of fine gauge during which a hook-closing element which is additionally a steel tube finer gauge. is inserted. To the tip of the upper element. a needle hook is arranged It claims the benefits of both bearded and latch types. there’s no yarn strain and

Sinker may be a thin metal plate with action at right angles to and fro between adjoining needles. it’s going to perform one or more of the subsequent functions:

I. Loop formation

2. Holding down, and

3. Knocking over.

The main object of a sinker is to help the needles in loop formation by sinking or knitting the newly laid yams into a loop. these are textile machine elements and parts As its forward edges ofcatch [c] advantages between the 2 adjoining needles. this is often just for bearded needle where as just in case of Latch needles and warp knitting loop formation isn’t the function of sinkers. It also holds down the loops at a lower level of the needle stems and prevents the old loops from being lifted because the needles raise to clear them for his or her hooks. The third function may be a knocking over at which the needle passes through the old loop by drawing a replacement loop.This used Knitting Function Flow disite this sinker

Sinker Function

1.The held loop is positioned within the throat of the sinker when the sinker moves forward and therefore the needle moves upward for clearing. 

2. The sinker remains at its forw and position when the needle attains its clearing position.

3.  At this stage. thanks to sinkers retraction.fabric or held loop is eased out. Also the sinker belly supported the material or held loop and hence its movements along the needle is prevented.

4. Sinker remains in backward position and therefore the needle descends to its lowest position draw ing the new loop through the old one.Srinker part important elements of textile machine

5. Before the needle ascends. the sinker moves forward to push the knit a touch and to hoid the old loop faraway from the top of the needle and to be during a position to regulate the material .


Thejack may be a secondary weft knitting elements. which ma} be wont to provide versatility of latch needle selection and movement. it’s placed below and within the same tricks because the needle

and has its own operating butt and ca system. The needle may thus be controlled directl) by its butt and cam system or indirectly by the movement of the jack.


Knitting Machine Elements

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Types of textile machine

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