Hi friends today in this post I will explain about the cashhunt App. By using this cashhunt app user can earn upto 200 rupees to 200 rupees daily. In this post I explain about the procedure completing tasks and make money on cash hunt app. This app contain many features and easy to make money. The users doesn’t need to invest for register . For completing task you only need mobile and data pack. Within 10 to 20 minutes you complete the given task and make money.

How to Install and Register Cashhunt App

I give the cash runt app link below just click the link and install the cash hunt app on your Play Store.
After installing the app the login page open. Just click log in with Google option and choose your email to login on cash hunt app. After completing the login process you get sign up bonus 5 rupees.

How to Complete the Task

In home page of the app you can able to see e different type of installation task. This application only provide install task so that you need to to install the given promoted app to make money. The rules are mentioned in the task for how to complete the task without any mistake. You must follow the rules during the installation process then only you get rewarded for completing the task.

For example you are choosing Josh application install task. The rules for Joseph application install and register on Josh app and you get 3 rupees instant. But this offer is only e for new user if you already install the Josh app in your mobile this offer is not valid for you. so that you must check whether the application is already installed on your mobile

Invite and Earn

Share , invite your friend and earn cash hunt coins. You can earn upto 5 rupees instantly when you are friend registered on cashhunt app. You can also get a chance to win 10000 cashhunt cash for top Inviters.
You can also and 10 % of your friends earning for lifetime. This application also provide sponsorship for youtubers, WhatsApp group and Facebook page content creators.

How to Withdraw

Click the wallet option in the home page. The redeem section will open there are you can able to to see the Paytm number filling box just fill your Paytm number and choose the amount that you want to withdraw.
For transfer your amount to PayTM wallet you need at least 50 rupees in your wallet. You can withdrawal minimum 20 rupees and maximum of 1000 rupees. The Paytm transfer of withdrawal will be done within 24 hours. You must still you are correct payment details to get the quick payment.

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