how to use guess money App

Hi friends to win this post I will explain about guess money app. Through this app you can make money by guessing the celebrity names to stop this application is suitable for everyone that means if you are student or housewife it is very useful for you to make money easily because this application is free to use no need to invest.

If your Pride 2 to work online in part time just try this app because you work 10 to 20 minutes on this app in your free time you can earn up to 50 rupees. So in this post I will explain about how to to complete task.

How to register on this app

Guess money application link is given below just install the app and open the application to stop the application interface is is given below. Just click the sign up option and the sign up page will open. In signup page you need to fill your username email id and create your password. After filling the required details best click the sign up button. Now your sign up process is completed now you need to login by using your email id and you created password. After entering the login details just click login button. Now the application dashboard will opens.

How to complete the task

In the application home page all task is available. Actually e the task is very simple you just need to to enter the name of the famous personality or actress. In home page itself the category name is given so that we can able to choose your favorite or family categories to see the images of the personality. After clicking any of the image in homepage you need to enter the name of the person shown in the image.

If you enter the name correctly just click the submit button. After submitting it they will review your answer and give the result. If your entered name is match with the image they will give 10 points 250 points for every correct answer. You can complete unlimited task in this app and daily up to 50 to 100 rupees. You can also earn 500 coins per day by daily check in the app. 

How to withdraw 

Just click the profile option in the the application dashboard your profile page will opens. You can able to see the withdrawal option  there just click it and request your withdrawal. In this application you need to earn 100 rupees to make payment request. After making withdrawal request your payment will transferred to PayTM account within 24 hours.

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